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S01E03 - THe Sum of All Fears

The episode begins with a cold open, showing Teo at his day job working at Crimson Security Solutions. He answers the phone, files papers, and gets coffee for his boss Richard Cardinal (Aaron Cutler). When he finishes delivering his coffee, Richard stops him and tells Teo to close the door. Richard then produces a thumb drive from his desk and holds it out to Teo, telling him he got new information from his sources in the government. Teo asks Cardinal what's on the drive, and Cardinal says it's safer for everyone if he doesn't know.

New York City. Late Summer, 2008.

Teo is outside the Distillery with Cameron and the two share drinks from a flask of alcohol. Teo remembers what he was given from Richard, and tells Cameron. The two go instead and head upstairs to a meeting room, where Helena and Eve are arguing about what holding facility to target. Cameron breaks up the argument and shows the thumb drive, then hands it to Delilah to put in a laptop. She asks where they get this information and Cameron says it's classified.

As Delilah goes through the file she covers her mouth and backs away from the computer. Everyone gathers around and sees a photograph of a man strapped to a table with a gas mask over his mouth and nose. Helena asks who that is, and Delilah asks if she's been living under a rock. Magnes rushes over to a bulletin board covered with newspaper articles and pulls one off and hands it to Helena. She looks at the article, dated March 2007, and it has the same man's face on it. The headline reads: MIDTOWN MAN RESPONSIBLE FOR NUCLEAR ATTACK.

Cameron declares that they have their target. If the Midtown Man is alive, they'll hit that facility, free everyone there, and kill the biggest threat to the world to ever live. PARIAH seems united, but Delilah looks frightened. She excuses herself from the room, but Teo watches her leave. As the others start discussing plans, Teo follows Delilah out of the distillery to the back alley. When Delilah takes her phone out of her purse, Teo snatches it from her hand. Delilah is terrified Teo will ask who she is calling, but instead he tells her any call that someone has to sneak away to make is a questionable one. He asks her if she's sure she wants to make it, and Delilah responds no. Teo throws her phone in the river and says most people don't get second chances to not make a mistake. Delilah stares at Teo then thanks him.

Later that night, Magnes and Ben are having dinner in the distillery kitchen. Ben says he can't ever go back home again, and Magnes asks him if he misses his family. Ben says no, but wonders how he's going to go to school. Teo chimes in from the doorway and says they can find a way to enroll him in another school somewhere else, but it will take time. Until then, Teo offers to tutor Ben. Ben asks Teo if he has a power like Magnes, and Teo laughs and tells Ben that he does not. Ben asks Teo why he's helping people like him, and Teo says it's "the right thing to do. Powers or not."

In the meeting room, Helena and Cameron try to figure out a way to find the Midtown Man, as the information they were given did not disclose his location. Cameron suspects only high-ranking members of Homeland Security would know. Helena asks Cameron if Eve can help, because he's heard she has an ability that lets her know things. Cameron snaps at Helena and says "it doesn't work like that" and storms off.

Helena goes up to the roof to think when she is met by Eve. Helena asks Eve how she knew she'd be up here, and Eve says she saw it. This encourages Helena to inquire about Eve's gift, but Eve laughs off the question and says, "that'd be a spoiler." Helena talks with Eve about how long she's been with PARIAH, and Eve tells Helena that she's been with the group since it was founded, when she and Cameron broke out of a holding facility together. Helena wonders why holding facilities for "dangerous" Evolved aren't on the news more, and Eve laughs and says that Helena "almost gets it."

The next morning at Crimson Security Solutions, Teo goes into Richard's office and asks him for a favor. Richard tells him to close the door and says that favors are dangerous things. Teo says it's important, and that he wouldn't ask any other way. Richard reluctantly agrees and Teo asks him if he knows someone with high DHS clearance. Richard says he does, but that "it isn't what Teo thinks."

That afternoon, Magnes is doing homework in the distillery and Ben is watching him. He asks Magnes what he's working on and why he's going to school when he's a "super hero," to which Magnes says he isn't a super hero, he's just a pizza delivery boy. Ben thinks otherwise, but says Magnes just hasn't realized he is yet. Teo comes in, setting down a stack of books in front of Ben and tells him to get ready, classes start tomorrow. Teo pats Magnes on the shoulder, and Magnes thanks Teo for all his help.

That night in the meeting room, Teo reveals the information he got from Richard. A director of logistics for Homeland Security who has high-level classified clearance. Cameron says that they have their next target, and Delilah listens on nervously.

Late at night Delilah is returning to her apartment. When she unlocks the door and steps inside, she is shocked to find someone already there. Agent Malcom Parkins steps into the light and asks Delilah why she didn't check in. Delilah says it's complicated, to which Agent Parkins says, "try me."

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