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S01E05 - Two Stars

In the cold open, we see a young woman -- Jennifer Childs (Dorothy McGill) -- in an office setting. She is scanning paperwork and on the letterhead it is revealed she works as a secretary for the Department of Homeland Security. Jennifer continues doing routine office tasks, all the while looking over her shoulder. Finally she knocks on an office door and delivers paperwork to an Agent Norman Benner, who thanks her with a smile. When she leaves the office, Jenny waits by the door and eavesdrops on a call Norman takes, but is jostled back into activity when a coworker asks her how her weekend was. Jenny stumbles over her answer and quickly excuses herself.

New York City. Late Summer, 2008.

In the basement of the distillery, Cameron is smoking a cigarette and talking to Trask. He asks Trask how he could betray his own kind, work for a government that is trying to register, quantify, and restrict them. Trask explains his perspective, that there needs to be law and structure so another Midtown Man doesn't slip through the cracks. That sometimes freedom has to be handed off for security. Cameron calls it the illusion of security and asks Trask why DHS is keeping Sylar a secret. Trask doesn't have an answer.

Upstairs, Teo and Helena are going over the street maps leading to the DHS holding facility where Sylar is being detained. Teo estimates there are fifty other Evolved being held there on a number of charges of "Varying legitimacy." Helena says they should all be freed, and that DHS cannot be trusted. Eve chimes in, saying that Helena is right, that it's time to free their people and bring more Evolved into PARIAH's fold. Teo disagrees and thinks this shouldn't be a "recruitment drive" and the three argue with no resolution.

Across the city at Crimson Security Services, Jennifer Childs enters the building and heads for Richard Cardinal's office. Richard is talking with his business partner Kain Zarek (Timothy Atwell) and they stop when Jenny knocks on the open doorway. Richard welcomes Jenny in as Kain excuses himself. Jenny and Kain exchange a silent look before he departs.

In Richard's office he asks Jenny how her job is going. She explains that because of staffing limitations she has access to most of the building except high security areas and has eyes on a significant amount of inter-office correspondence. Richard thanks her for stealing the video footage he supplied to his "clients" and tells Jenny that it's time she meets them face to face. Jenny is reluctant, but Richard believes it is for the best. He arranges for her to meet a courier from the group.

Later that afternoon Magnes is sitting in Central Park eating takeout and listening to his headphones when he is approached by Jenny. She and Magnes exchange code phrases, and Magnes invites her to sit and share his fries. They briefly talk about how they both look like ordinary people, but they have extraordinary lives. Jenny explains her job at Homeland Security and that she wants to volunteer to help PARIAH.

Magnes asks Jenny why she would risk living a life like this, instead of just being ordinary. Jenny talks about how when she and her sister manifested abilities they were disowned by their parents and thrown out onto the street. Jenny believes it's only going to get worse unless someone does something. Magnes asks her what that something is, and she says she isn't sure. Only that it's going to take a genius to figure out. Magnes laughs and says he isn't a genius, all he can do is fly. Jenny smiles and says flying sounds nice, and when Magnes asks her what she can do, she coyly switches the topic.

Back at the distillery, Helena, Teo, Cameron, and Eve are discussing logistics of breaking into the DHS building. Teo keeps reminding the team how well-defended the building is, and Helena says she could create a storm and knock out the power to buy them some time. Teo counters that they probably have a backup generator. While Cameron is suggesting they start a fire so that the building evacuates, Teo slips away from the meeting and catches Delilah eavesdropping.

Teo confronts Delilah, asking why she was listening outside rather than joining them in the room. Delilah panics and tries to get away and Teo tells her that she's used her second strike. He reminds her that everyone here is doing the best they can, and Delilah agrees. But Teo can tell she has her doubts and asks her why. Delilah doesn't answer and tries to leave again. Teo says that's her third strike, and tries to drag her into the meeting room. Delilah activates her power and her eyes turn black, she grabs Teo by the face and he starts to hallucinate.

As Teo is experiencing vivid visions, Delilah tries to run away, but Cameron has realized what is going on. He intercepts Delilah and knocks her out before she can reach the exit. 

Delilah awakens in the basement of the distillery, chained next to Trask. She struggles, screams for help, and panics. Trask tells her no one can hear them, but tries to reassure her that it will be okay. Delilah calls for Cameron, but no one responds. 

Later that night, Cameron, Teo, Helena, Eve, and Magnes discuss Delilah's behavior. Teo apologizes for not bringing her suspicious activity to the group sooner. Cameron and Teo argue, and Helena breaks up their fight. Everyone agrees that they can't let Delilah go, but no one can agree on what to do with her. They agree for now she has to stay in the distillery, and Teo says he can cover for her for a few days, tops.

In Delilah's apartment her cell phone rings unattended. On the screen the caller's name is visible: M. Parkins.

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