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S01E06 - Into the Lion's Den

In the cold open, we see a teenage Cameron Spalding playing with his younger brother Michael. The two are roughhousing Michael gets hurt. Their father comes out of the house and yells at both the children and drags them inside. Michael is the target of his father's anger and Cameron tries to defend him and is beaten by his father. Michael tries to stop him and is badly injured. Cameron panics and attacks his father and his hands ignite into flames. Cameron's father catches fire and flails through the living room, catching the curtains on fire. Michael is screaming and crying. Cameron's grabs his brother by the wrist with one fiery hand, burning his brother's wrist. The two run out of the house, which is rapidly consumed in flames.

The two brothers stand outside the house, watching fire roar out of the windows and off the roof. 

New York City. Late Summer, 2008.

In the distillery, Cameron is packing a backpack with ammunition and improvised explosives. Eve approaches him, concerned about how little sleep he's been getting. Cameron says she's "one to talk" and asks if she has seen anything. Eve hasn't. They are interrupted by Teo who informs the group he has the sewer route below the building mapped out and when the team is ready to escape, he'll set charges and blow the wall from the basement to sewer. Cameron packs some explosives for himself in his own backpack.

Helena enters and tells the group that she has disturbed the weather, preparing for a tropical storm to form off the coast to cover their arrival. She says that with Jenny's info they can knock out the power for three minutes before generators kick on. Teo explains that he'll keep the generators from coming online. Teo then asks where Magnes is, and Cameron says "where do you think?"

In the basement, Magnes is keeping Delilah and Trask company. He tries to get Delilah to explain what she's done and if she's told anyone anything, but she refuses to talk. Trask professes to not know anything about what Delilah has done. Teo comes downstairs and tells Magnes it's time, and they head upstairs.

In the meeting room, Cameron, Eve, Magnes, Teo, Helena, and Jenny prepare to go over their plan one more time as a storm brews outside. Their discussion of the plan is intercut between their execution of it. Cameron enters the lobby of the DHS holding facility just after dark as the storm has reached a fever pitch outside. He explains he will be a diversion, and shoots the front desk security guards dead, then starts setting the lobby on fire with a touch.

On the roof of the building, Magnes lands from flight with Helena and Eve. Helena protects them from the weather and uses a lightning strike to blow open the door to the roof. They enter the building with the plan to find all of the Evolved captives and free them. 

Behind the building, Teo acts as lookout while Jenny uses her work ID to badge through the security door. They sneak into the building and head into the basement. Teo explains in narration that he will sabotage the generators with Jenny's help. When the storm knocks out the power, Jenny uses her electrokinetic ability to generate electricity and overloads the generators, preventing them from turning back on. She and Teo leave to set the explosive charges for their exit.

In the lobby, security guards have arrived and Cameron uses increasingly brutal violence with his pyrokinesis to kill them. The lobby is engulfed in flames and fire alarms have sounded but the fire suppression system can't activate with the generators down. Cameron finds a wounded and dying DHS officer and he says they all "deserve to burn" and engulfs him in flames.

Upstairs, Helena, Magnes, and Eve break into detention cells and free imprisoned Evolved. Magnes says he will lead them to the basement while Eve and Helena look for Sylar. As they split up, Magnes warns everyone to be careful. Helena and Eve explore the upper floors and Eve is struck with a vision. She sees a man strapped to a bed in a concrete cell, and she realizes Sylar isn't kept with the other detainees: he's in the basement.

In the basement, Teo is setting explosive charges when Jenny discovers a room with a two-way mirror looking into a cell. She is shocked to discover Sylar. Teo joins her and says they have to take care of it themselves, in case Helena and the others don't make it down. Teo tries Jenny's ID card but it doesn't work. He shoots out the window and climbs through, with Jenny following after him.

When Teo brings his gun up to Sylar's head, his arm starts to tremble and he turns the gun on himself, shooting himself in the shoulder. Teo collapses and Sylar sits up and telekinetically throws Jenny out of the room through the window Teo shot out. He pulls the gas mask off of his face and throws Teo up against a wall to knock him out. Sylar doesn't have enough time to see if Teo is dead and leaves the room in a hurry.

Upstairs, Magnes reaches the lobby with the rescued detainees and finds it completely consumed by flames with Cameron ringing explosives along the front of the building. Sirens are blaring outside. Magnes tries to call out to Cameron, but Cameron refuses to listen. Magnes leads the detainees to a stairwell for the basement.

Eve and Helena are running through the building when they encounter a wall of smoke. Helena uses a gust of wind to blow it clear, and they come upon Cameron pacing around the lobby. He is completely consumed in flames. Eve tries to tell him to calm down, but Cameron doesn't. Helena is shocked to see how many dead bodies are burning in the room. Cameron explains they need to send a message, and he intends to. He urges Helena and Eve to go ahead of him. They argue, but Eve eventually drags Helena out.

In the basement, Sylar pins Jenny to a wall and threatens to kill her. He asks if she knows what he's done in the past, and Jenny shakes her head no. Sylar explains that he is one of the greatest geniuses the world has ever known, and that each time he consumes a human brain, he gains their intellect and knowledge. He says he can tell what Jenny can do, and wonders if there is any reason to keep her alive. Panicked, Jenny says that two people can do what one person can't. Sylar is impressed by her answer. He asks her if she knows a way out, and Jenny hands him Teo's detonator. Sylar smiles and tells Jenny she's earned one more day of life.

An explosion rocks the basement as Magnes arrives in the basement. He finds Teo unconscious on the floor and helps him up, trying to wake Teo up to find out what happened. Teo says Sylar escaped, but he doesn't know where Jenny is. Magnes is overcome with anger, he helps Teo out of the cell and shouts for Jenny, but she doesn't answer. Teo asks where Helena and Eve are, and Magnes says he isn't sure. Right then, Helena and Eve arrive and learn of Jenny's fate. Eve is overwhelmed with guilt.

Teo leads the detainees out through the sewers, but they find no trace of Jenny or Sylar on their way out. In the lobby Cameron feels the explosions in the basement and says it's "time to send the message." He starts to glow brightly, consumed by flames, and the entire lobby of the DHS holding facility explodes in a massive fireball that demolishes the facade of the building across the street.

In the basement, Magnes leads the detainees into the darkness of the sewers.

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