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S01E07 - Sylar

In the cold open, we follow a man through the corridors of a government building. He passes several security checkpoints and emerges in a room full of computers and monitors. Agent Norman Benner greets a woman sitting at a bank of computer monitors with her eyes closed, looking deep in concentration. Norman addresses her as Wireless (Laura Esterman) and tells her that they need to talk.

Wireless opens her eyes and all the computers shut off. She agrees, and tells Norman that a line has been crossed. Norman looks around, then leans in close to her and whispers. "Then we need to cross it together."

New York City. Late Summer, 2008.

It has been two days since the destruction of the DHS holding facility. Teo watches the news in the Crimson Security Solutions office where a reporter talks about the civilian casualties from the blast. Richard Cardinal comes out of his office and calls Teo in to give a report. Teo says he still hasn't found Jenny, but fears the worst. Richard blames himself for what happened and calls PARIAH reckless. He gave them Jenny so they would have a direct line into DHS, and they burned it. He blames Teo for allowing her to go along. Richard says he wanted to help Evolved but not like this.

Richard asks what happened to all of the Evolved they managed to rescue and Teo explains that Cameron didn't have a plan and just released them of their own accord. Teo blames himself for now questioning Cameron's judgment. He goes on to say that Cameron has become increasingly erratic and as a result Teo has stopped going to meetings. He says they need to work together to find Sylar and Teo wonders if Richard knows what the government is up to. Richard says that with Jenny out of the DHS offices he has no insight into their operation, and that he's blind because of PARIAH's impatience.

At the distillery, Cameron is beating Trask while Delilah watches and pleads for him to stop. Cameron hasn't asked any questions and is just taking his frustrations out on Trask. Eventually Cameron stops, but threatens Delilah that she's next if she doesn't fess up what she's told DHS. Helena comes downstairs and shouts at Cameron to stop until he angrily leaves the basement. Helena checks on Trask and Delilah and apologizes to them. Trask asks Helena how their operation went, she does not answer and quickly excuses herself.

In the Bronx, Jenny Childs walks down the street seemingly free, carrying grocery bags in her hands. She ducks into an apartment building, then up to her apartment where Sylar is waiting for her and has been hiding out the last two days. He has just come out of the shower. Jenny says she got him the glasses he asked for, and he puts them on and looks at her as if seeing her for the first time. When he sees the other bags he asks what they're for and Jenny says she brought him lunch. Sylar is appreciative, but Jenny is pensive and Sylar can tell something else is on her mind. He demands she tell him and pushes her against the wall with his mind.

Jenny, tearfully, asks Sylar why he spared her. Sylar responds that he isn't sure yet, but that it's nice to talk to someone. Jenny asks how long he's been alone for, and Sylar releases her and tells her that he's always been alone. Sylar asks why Jenny didn't run when she had the chance, he gave her that opportunity to see what she'd do, expecting her to disappoint him. Jenny says she isn't sure. Something drew her back, but she doesn't understand it. Sylar is interested by her answer.

At the distillery, Helena and Trask are talking as she brings him lunch. She asks what Trask knows about Sylar, hoping to learn something about him. Trask says he only knows basic information, that he was a serial killer and a cannibal before the bomb went off, and can steal the powers of other Evolved by eating their brains. Helena is repulsed and Trask sympathizes.

Helena asks how someone could turn into a monster like that, but Trask doesn't have an answer. He asks why Helena is bringing him lunch and she replied that they're all on the same side. That it's "us" versus people like Sylar. This conversation encourages Delilah to speak up and say she has to tell Helena something.

In her apartment, Jenny asks Sylar why he destroyed Midtown and Sylar angrily turns to her and tells her point blank that he didn't. She doesn't know whether she believes him, but she doesn't let his anger push her away and instead approaches him and touches his shoulder. Sylar grabs her wrist and pushes her against the wall again.Their eyes lock and neither say anything.

When Sylar releases Jenny he repeats that he didn't destroy Midtown, that isn't a power he has. Jenny follows Sylar and asks who did. Sylar turns and looks Jenny in the eyes and says "the Company did." Jenny looks confused, and asks what "the Company" is. Sylar tilts his head to the side and raises one eyebrow slowly.

At the distillery, Helena runs upstairs to find Cameron. She explains to him that Delilah told a DHS agent where the distillery is and had been feeding them information for weeks. When Cameron says he's going to kill her, Helena explains that DHS has Delilah's mother in holding somewhere and they're extorting her. Cameron says he doesn't care, but Eve manages to talk him down by focusing on the immediate problem.

Magnes overhears the conversation and asks if they should abandon the distillery. Cameron doesn't have a fallback location and isn't sure where they could go. Magnes says he has an idea, but Cameron doesn't listen to him. Cameron orders everyone to evacuate and go to ground, but to leave Trask and Delilah behind. Helena realizes what Cameron is proposing.

Magnes rushes to go get Ben while Helena hurries downstairs. She tells Delilah and Trask that the safehouse has been compromised and Cameron intends to burn it down with them inside. Helena unlocks their bindings and tells them to run. Delilah thanks Helena and scrambles for the door, but Trask asks her why she's helping him. Helena smiles and says it is the right thing to do and that maybe they're even. Trask says he isn't sure, but maybe this is a good start.

When Helena comes upstairs, Cameron can see Delilah fleeing across the street. He confronts Helena and ignites his hands into flame. Magnes tries to intervene, but Helena tells him to take Ben and get out. Eve gets between the two, trying to stop them from fighting. Cameron sets the nearby wall on fire in a fit of anger and tells everyone to leave him.

Eve tries to argue with Cameron, but he tells her to leave too. Cameron is furious, saying that everyone is questioning him, that no one trusts him. He says they're without vision, without perspective. Cameron sets the building on fire and calls Helena and Eve traitors. Eve says she won't leave Cameron, that she thinks she's seen this moment and has to save him. Cameron's body stops burning and Eve takes his hand, they flee out the opposite exit from the others just before the distillery collapses in a roaring cloud of flames.

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