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S01E09 - Walk the Line

In the cold open, we see Eve standing in a burning building. Cameron is there, bleeding from a gunshot wound to the shoulder. He reaches out with a bloody hand to her and she takes his hand. Flames spread down his arms and up hers, she screams as she is engulfed by his flames and rendered to ash and bone.

New York City. Late Summer, 2008.

Eve awakens in a run-down derelict tenement building to find Cameron missing from their dingy bed. She heads into the mostly empty kitchen to find him standing over the stove, fire coming off his hand to heat a skillet and cook a pair of eggs. Eve and Cameron relax around one another, and Cameron tells Eve it's time to start over again. Eve asks him what they're going to do about Helena and the others, and Cameron says they're dead to him. They all betrayed the ideals of PARIAH. He tells Eve it's just the two of them again, like it was in the beginning. Eve rests her head on Cameron's shoulder, and though he can't see it there is a distant and troubled look in her eyes.

At the Crimson Security Solutions warehouse, Helena, Magnes, and Teo learn that Norman Benner and Wireless have been working from the inside to protect the interests of the Evolved since before they were revealed. Benner explains that the Company has known of Evolved kind since at least the 1950s, trying to keep their existence a secret. But a member of the Company with aspirations of power, Arthur Petrelli, attempted to enact a coup to seize control of the Presidency. That coup failed and resulted in a conflict within the Company, ending with the death of Arthur and his son Peter in the Midtown explosion and the deaths of many who were aligned with the Petrelli family. Benner doesn't know all the details, but the surviving members of the Company's leadership revealed themselves to the government and rallied around Arthur's other son, Nathan.

Benner and Wireless have been discreetly working for years to protect the Evolved from the organization they worked for, only to be outed to their peers in the aftermath of the attack on the DHS holding facility as more scrutiny came their way. Benner believes that someone within the government fed intelligence to him that drew both Agent Benner and Wireless into the open. 

Helena asks how Wireless and Benner had been helping the Evolved, to which they reply that they had been helping protect a small number of Evolved. Moving them out of the country if they were at risk of being "secreted away" for being too potentially dangerous. Benner explains that people like PARIAH would all be sent to a secret prison were they identified and caught. Helena is suspicious, but Wireless presents her with a number of instances where she covered up digital evidence trails of PARIAH members, keeping them off the government's radar. Magnes asks how she could do that, and Wireles explains that is her ability, to perceive and interact with all electronic information. He called her a "super hacker" and she laughs and agrees.

Meanwhile across town, Cameron feverishly plans a way to make a massive statement to the public. Eve, worried about Cameron, asks him if maybe it's best if they take some time to relax and regroup. Cameron tells Eve that if they rest, the government wins. Cameron begins cutting articles and photographs out of newspapers and magazine, building a montage of possible targets. Eve watches Cameron and begins to question the nature of the dream she saw.

At the warehouse, Benner asks the former PARIAH members to consider partnership to protect Evolved who are at risk. Benner also says he can help relocate Ben to a proper family, get him a new identity, and ensure he has a proper childhood. Magnes has come around to Benner's side and agrees to help, but Helena and Teo are more reluctant. Wireless poses them with a question: What would you do on your own?

Teo admits that Richard will continue to fund the group but only so long as they steer away from wanton terrorism. To that point, Norman warns that Cameron and Eve are still distinct problems. Teo bristles at that description of them and says that they'll come around, he can talk reason into them. Norman hopes that's the case, and says he'd give everyone time to think it over. Helena, Magnes, and Teo share a nervous look concerning their future.

As they're leaving, Wireless takes Benner aside and says she's looking for the missing PARIAH member Jenny as well as Sylar, but she must be in a part of the city without comprehensive security cameras if she isn't dead. Benner tells her to keep on it and let him know the moment she finds anything.

That night, Cameron brings Eve to show her his plan. He takes her back to the Financial District, to a construction site overlooking the Department of Homeland Security headquarters. He points to the building and says he's going to bring it down, like he did the detention center. Eve reminds Cameron that the building is surrounded by apartments and other residential areas. Cameron counters by saying that in any war there are martyrs, and the ones who die today will be remembered. Eve is visibly distraught, but stays by Cameron's side.

Before dawn the next day, Teo leaves the warehouse. Magnes notices him get up and he goes to catch up with him. When confronted on where he was going, Teo says something feels wrong about this entire situation. That Delilah was spying for a federal agency at the same time Benner and Wireless were covering PARIAH's tracks, that someone fed information about Sylar to Jenny. How they broke Sylar out of captivity, how all that information had to come from somewhere for a reason. Teo is suspicious that government never raided the distillery, even two days after they found Sylar. He says he wants to go talk to Cameron, Magnes wants to go with him, but Teo says they need to give him some time to cool off. Magnes laughs, thinking it was a pun. Teo is unimpressed.

Elsewhere in New York, Jenny wakes up in her apartment to find Sylar looming over her. Jenny asks in a shaky voice is Sylar intends on killing her, and he says he's tempted to. He knows she has an ability that he doesn't have, and the urge is overwhelming. Jenny reaches up and takes Sylar's hand, pressing it to her cheek. She says that she might have a couple ideas on how to distract him and help him cope, and when Sylar asks what it is she pulls him into her bed.

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