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In the cold open, we see a burning apartment rapidly consumed by flames. Cameron stands in the middle of the room, clutching a gunshot wound at his shoulder. There are flames lapping up the sleeves of his jacket, rising up and licking the ceiling. Fire is reflected in his eyes, smoke is everywhere. Cameron is looking at someone, but we do not see who it is. He bares his teeth, blood in his smile, and we fade to black.

One Day Earlier.

The last day of Summer, 2008.

Cameron wakes up in bed with Eve. He rolls over and wakes her up with a kiss. Eve asks him what's gotten into him, and Cameron says today is the start of a new day. They discuss how long they've been together, how hard it's been forming a group like PARIAH, but Cameron says they've never given up. He calls Eve his "kindling." She kisses him back and holds his face and looks into his eyes, searching for something. Cameron asks if she's had any dreams lately, and Eve replies. "Just the one."

At Crimson Security Solutions, Teo enters Richard's office and tells him that someone is here to see him. Richard notices Teo is acting strange when he tries to find out who it is. A moment later Teo steps aside rather mechanically, and Agent Malcom Parkins enters. He looks at Teo and says "I should go back to my desk." Teo repeats the line without emotion and shows himself out of the office. Richard recognizes Agent Parkins and tells him he doesn't need to be all "Jedi" if he wants to pay him a visit.

Parkins isn't in the mood to play games, and tells Richard that he could turn this office upside down with a strike team. Richard asks him why he hasn't, then says "since you're reading my mind right now, you know what I'm wondering, don't you?" Richard asks anyway, wondering how Jenny got through security in Parkins with a thumb drive containing the whereabouts of Sylar on it. Through the office of someone who apparently has telepathy. Parkins shuts the door to Richard's office and says that nothing is as simple as it seems on the surface. He walks over to Richard's desk and says they need to talk.

In the Crimson Security Solutions warehouse, Wireless arrives and tells Norman that she's arranged a new identity and background for Ben and set up his placement with an adoption agency. Magnes, who was tutoring Ben nearby, stands up and approaches the two. He asks where Ben will be going, and Wireless says that it's safest if Magnes doesn't know. Magnes says that isn't fair, and Norman retorts by telling Magnes the world isn't fair. But then he asks Magnes whether he would rather keep Ben close and have him in danger all the time, or know he can find somewhere safe to be. Magnes doesn't answer, but Norman can see the answer in his eyes. Wireless says they already have a family set up, friendly to Evolved. Magnes looks back at Ben and is conflicted.

Across town, Helena is sitting low in Teo's car with a pair of binoculars. She's scouting out Jenny's apartment and spots Jenny entering her apartment just after sunrise. Helena looks confused and nearly gets out of the car, but instead picks up her phone and dials a number that is all zeroes. It connects her with Wireless. Helena explains that she's found Jenny but something feels off. Wireless tells her to hold position and that she'll be there shortly.

Inside Jenny's apartment, she returns with a flyer and hands it to Sylar. It describes an Evolved self-help group, where recently manifested and registered Evolved talk each other through their abilities. Sylar looks up at Jenny in wordless confusion and she takes his hands by the wrist. She smiles without saying anything, and suddenly Sylar understands.

At Cameron and Eve's safehouse, Cameron is building bombs with a stockpile of explosive material in the basement. Eve comes downstairs and looks at everything and is taken aback. Cameron doesn't notice her, distracted by his headphones, and Eve creeps back upstairs. She paces around the living room for a few minutes, then throws on her jacket and goes outside.

At Crimson Security Solutions, Agent Parkins leaves Richard's office and releases his telepathic hold on Teo, who does not seem to notice anything had happened. Richard comes out a moment later and tells Teo to take the rest of the day off. As Teo is leaving his cell phone rings, and it cuts to show Eve in a phone booth looking distressed.

Across town, Helena is startled by a knock on the window of Teo's car and sees Wireless outside. She unlocks the doors and Wireless invites herself inside. They discuss what Helena saw outside Jenny's apartment, and the two agree to check the building out. Wireless and Helena approach the building from two directions. Helena goes up the fire escape and Wireless goes in the front. Helena reaches Jenny's fourth floor apartment and peers in through the window and sees her with Sylar. She panics and presses her back against the wall and texts Wireless '911'.

Wireless asks what's wrong, and Helena tries to discreetly take a photo through the window. Sylar hears the sound and pulls Helena thorugh the window with telekinesis. Jenny screams and hides and Sylar throws Helena against the ceiling, causing her to lose control of her ability and a microburst to spawn inside the apartment, throwing everyone around and destroying the furniture. Wireless kicks in the apartment door and shoots at Sylar, but he deflects the bullets with telekinesis. Jenny is shot by the ricochet and Sylar throws Wireless back out of the apartment. Sylar scoops Jenny up into his arms and leaps out the window and lands on the street unharmed, then takes off down an opposite alley carrying Jenny.

Wireless and Helena pull themselves together and are mostly unharmed. Wireless contacts Norman and updates him on the situation and tells them they're coming back in. At the warehouse, Norman says he needs to take Ben somewhere safe and warns Magnes that Sylar has Jenny. Magnes asks how he can help, and Norman tells him to wait here for now. When Norman leaves, he passes Teo who enters the warehouse and tells Magnes he just received a phone call from Eve, and that Cameron was planning to blow up a federal building in a populated area. Teo asks if Magnes would come with him to talk to Cameron. Magnes warns Teo about what happened to Jenny, and Teo says they can only handle one crisis at a time. Reluctantly, Magnes agrees to go with Teo.

When Helena and Wireless return to the warehouse they find no one is there. Wireless says that Norman is taking Ben somewhere safe but isn't sure where Teo and Magnes went. Richard arrives at the warehouse and inquires about what is going on and is caught up to speed. He says that the situation with Cameron has to be stopped before people get hurt. If Cameron blows up that building, Richard won't be able to help them anymore, the heat will be too great.

Across town, Sylar has broken into an apartment and is tending to Jenny's gunshot wound in a bathroom. He talks her through the procedure with a clinical detachment, pulling the bullet out with telekinesis as he does. Jenny asks Sylar if he ever considered being a doctor, but Sylar says the only things he's ever sewn up were his father's taxidermy. He sews up her wound with a needle and thread, disinfecting it with a bottle of vodka, which he warns her "might sting."

Teo and Magnes arrive at Cameron's safehouse and is met by Eve, who tells them Cameron has been very unstable lately. Teo gives Eve a look, as if that's a dire statement coming from her. They go downstairs to talk to Cameron, and he is alarmed to see them. Cameron throws off his headphones and sparks dance around his hands. Teo shouts about the explosives, and Cameron snarls back at them, calling Teo a traitor. They try to talk sense into Cameron, but their presence only makes him violent and upset. Magnes nearly gets through to him, talking to Cameron about his brother Michael, but Cameron believes they've been turned by the government.

Cameron chases Teo and Magnes upstairs, and Eve tries to talk reason into Cameron but he tells her to stand aside. Magnes tries to de-escalate the situation and say they'll leave, but Cameron says they've seen too much. When Cameron isn't looking, Magnes reaches inside his jacket and dials Wirelsss' number and leaves the phone on.

At the warehouse, Wireless picks up Magnes' call and notices that he's not responding. She assumes it's a signal and Helena remarks that she underestimated how clever Magnes is. Wireless says she will contact Norman, and they leave to follow Magnes' cell phone signal.

In Richard Cardinal's office, Kain enters and asks him why Agent Parkins was there this morning. Richard says it was a routine consultation, but Kain is suspicious. Richard eases his concerns by asking Kain if he thinks Richard is the kind of person who would sell his friends out. Kain says yes, to which Richard asks if Kain thinks he'd have a very good reason for it. Kain begrudgingly agrees.

Near sunset, Wireless and Helena arrive at the location of Magnes' phone; Cameron and Eve's safehouse. Unlike last time they scout out the building together, and spot Teo and Magnes tied up in the living room on chairs. Eve and Cameron are arguing and Cameron has a gun. Helena is about to rush in when Wireless stops her and motions to a basement bulkhead. Wireless picks the lock and they enter the basement and find Cameron's explosives and bombing plan. They sneak upstairs.

As Helena comes up the stairs, Eve spots her but Cameron doesn't and Eve tries to keep him distracted. Helena sneaks over and unties Magnes and Teo and tells them to get out, but knocks a beer bottle off the kitchen table in the process. Cameron turns around and goes to shoot Helena, but Eve tackles him. Helena shouts for everyone to run and she flees for the front door with Teo and Magnes. Wireless tries to get a clear shot at Cameron but in the struggle she just clips his shoulder. When Cameron starts to catch fire from his gunshot wound, Helena grabs Wireless and drags her outside.

Eve throws herself off of Cameron when he combusts and catches the house on fire. The living room is burning and she snatches Cameron's gun from the ground. Cameron looks at Eve, clutching a gunshot wound at his shoulder. There are flames lapping up the sleeves of his jacket, rising up and licking the ceiling. Fire is reflected in his eyes, smoke is everywhere. Cameron is looking at someone, but we do not see who it is. He bares his teeth, blood in his smile.

Outside there is the sound of a single gunshot. Helena startles and covers her mouth. Flames roar out of the windows, smoke billows from the building and Wireless tells them it's going to blow the whole block. Helena says she can stop it cand command the weather, calling torrential rain and strong winds down. She rips the roof off of Cameron's safehouse with an updraft and douses the fire with a monsoon. When Helena is sure the fire is out, she collapses into Magnes' arms.

The next day, Helena wakes up in an unfamiliar bedroom, Teo is by her side. He explains that Helena stopped the fire from reaching the explosives and they found Cameron's body, but there was no sign of Eve. He tells her that they're in an apartment building in Chelsea owned by Richard Cardinal, who has agreed to continue helping them. Helena is worried about Eve, but Teo says he doesn't know much else. She then asks about Jenny and Sylar, and Teo says they've vanished. Wireless will keep looking for them. He says when she's feeling better, they need to have a talk.

Later that day, we see Norman, Wireless, Magnes, and Teo in the dining room of this apartment building safehouse. They're discussing manifests and registration numbers when Helena walks in. Wireless greets her and offers her coffee, but Helena doesn't feel like any. Norman says now that they're all together, they need to have a serious conversation. Helena sits down at the table and shares a look with Magnes.

Norman explains that the situation in the country is only going to get worse. The attack on the holding facility got national attention and lobbyists are advocating for stricter registration laws. Norman wants to build an organization dedicated to helping Evolved get out of America, using holes in Homeland Security's grid that Wireless can exploit. He wants Teo, Magnes, and Helena to be the founders of this group with him. Teo and Magnes say they're already on board. Helena remarks that it sounds a lot like the Underground Railroad, and Wireless agrees. Magnes asks if they get to have a name, like the X-Men. Norman says names and symbols are important, but it needs to resonate.

Everyone makes a suggestion, but Teo's gets Bennet's attention. He says that there's no telling if life will be any better in another country. But either way, they're up the river. Like lost souls on the River Styx in Greek mythology. Norman asks Wireless what she thinks about "Ferrymen." She replies, "It'll do."

Helena asks Norman what their first order of business should be and Norman replies Sylar. He says that he's free because of their failures, and it was their responsibility to put him down. Norman warns Sylar could be anywhere. And they must be vigilant.

In the post-credits stinger, we see a support group for recently manifested Evolved discussing their abilities. It goes around the room, then reveals a familiar face who says his ability is knowing what other people's abilities are.


Sylar introduces himself as "Paul" and says he has so much to learn from the group.

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