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In the cold open we see a man running from police down an alleyway at night. They chase him through the twisting back streets of Chinatown, out into a busy marketplace where they briefly lose him. Police catch sight of the fugitive a few moments later and return in pursuit. But as they close in on him out front of a dry cleaners, he lifts his hands up and his sleeves burn away as fire consumes his arms. The man's hair engulfs in flames and he throws a cyclone of fire out, catching the officers ablaze.

We smash cut to the Season 2 intro then cut to an aerial shot of New York.

Fall, 2008

It is Halloween, we see kids in costume running down busy streets. The Ruins of Midtown are a backdrop to their innocent enjoyment of a holiday. We cut to a brunette woman walking down the street in dark makeup and all black clothes. She's carrying groceries in her arms. The woman looks just like Jenny Childs, but with much different style.

She comes up the steps of a tenement building and steps inside. We follow her up to her third floor apartment where she greets her black cat "Momo." She feeds him in the kitchen, then starts going through her mail sitting on the counter. The camera lingers on her name: Gillian Childs (Dorothy McGill). Momo hops up on the counter and rubs his head against her and meows.

We cut to the Crimson Securities Warehouse. The space has been converted into a headquarters with cots, shelves stacked with supplies, and a large table covered with maps of the city. Teo and Helena are standing at the table, going over their current situation. Teo says that it's been two months since anyone has seen Eve. Helena wonders if she survived what happened to Cameron, referencing the climax of last series, and Teo says he isn't sure.

Magnes flies in from a window, urgently throwing down a copy of today's paper onto the table. The headline reads, "Two Officers Killed By Escaped Evo Pyro!" Magnes explains that another Evolved they rescued from the DHS Holding Facility two months ago has started causing problems. He blames himself for helping and says that people are dying because of their choices. Teo seems conflicted, but agrees this latest killer is a problem.

Norman Benner emerges from the shadows like he had been eavesdropping. He looks at the paper and says he knows that man, pointing to the photograph. He identifies the pyrokineticist as Frank Gordon, a killer who burned his ex-wife and her new husband alive in their trailer four years prior. Teo expresses disbelief that Norman was keeping the existence of Evolved a secret before the bomb. Norman tells Teo that there are a lot of things in the world he wouldn't believe.

Helena decides that the Ferrymen should help capture Frank Gordon, because they're the best armed to deal with Evolved. Teo reminds Helena that not everyone is Evolved, and that none of them are immune to fire. Magnes brings up Cameron and looks crestfallen. Norman says he'll get Wireless to see what she can find about Frank. Teo asks what about the people they need to help leave the city, and Helena sarcastically says "I guess we won't be taking weekends off."

We cut to a farmhouse in rural Pennsylvania. From the outside things look normal, there are two cars in the driveway, a large field out back. But the front door is hanging open. The camera pans across the porch, revealing that the door was kicked in. The camera tracks through the house, showing blood stains and signs of violence. Crunching sounds can be heard as the camera snakes under a couch, then up over a kitchen counter to reveal a bloody scene in the kitchen.

Sylar sits hunched over a body with the top of its skull missing on the floor. He is stuffing the last morsels of a brain into his mouth and chewing loudly. Jenny sits on the counter, watching him with wide, tear-filled eyes. Sylar licks his fingers, blood smeared across his mouth, and stands up. He tells Jenny this person had a perfect memory, and now he does too. Jenny slides off the counter, stepping in the blood on the floor. Sylar puts a hand at her shoulder, they exchange a meaningful look, and they lean in and kiss each other. When Jenny pulls away, she has blood on her lips. She smiles at Sylar and asks, "Who next?"

We cut back to Gillian Childs in her apartment. She is sitting on her computer, scrolling through news about Evolved that escaped from a DHS holding facility when she receives an instant message from a friend, "Otakunaut88" who asks her about a new tv show. She says she hasn't seen it yet, revealing her online handle as "xXskittergothXx". While she's messaging her friend, Gillian finds a blog post about a missing person, showing a photo of Jenny. The bottom of the article reads, "Have you seen my sister? Please leave a comment." Gillian scrolls down to find: 0 Comments.

Gillian looks overwhelmed, closing her laptop and throwing herself down on her couch. Her cat, Momo, comes over to comfort her. But she is disrupted by a knock at the door. Gillian says that her takeout sure got there fast. She gets up and goes to her door and opens it without looking to see who it is.

We cut to the Crimson Securities Warehouse where we see Magnes on his laptop in a messaging program. A notification pops up that says "xXskittergothXx has gone offline" and we learn that he is Otakunaut88. Wireless comes over and slaps Magnes laptop closed and gives him a dirty look. She says he needs to be more secure with who he's talking to online. Magnes replies that it's Jenny's sister and he was hoping to find out if she heard anything about Jenny. Wireless tells Magnes she'd know first and to leave the investigation to the adults. Before they can fight anymore, Norman arrives and asks for Wireless' help with something. She gives Magnes a look and leaves.

Magnes leaves the warehouse and finds Teo outside having a cigarette. They talk about how they both feel helpless. Teo asks Magnes if he believes in the cause and Magnes says he does, but he wishes they could do more. Teo apologizes for how hard it's been and puts his arm around Magnes. Magnes talks about Jenny's disappearance and Cameron's death hitting him hard. Teo sympathizes and says he won't run off and will always be there for Magnes. They share a look, then Teo excuses himself inside.

Back in Gillian's apartment, we sit her sitting on her couch with wide eyes, cradling Momo. The camera pans around to reveal Frank Gordon by her door, staring out the peephole. He turns around and locks the door and Gillian starts to stand and Franks tells her to "sit the fuck down." Frank explains that he just needs to lie low for a minute and think, that he won't hurt anyone unless they make him do it. Gillian asks if he's in trouble, and Frank replies that "trouble's in him."

Frank asks Gillian if she's Evolved and she tells him that she isn't. She then asks Frank what his ability is. Frank turns away from the door and sets his hand on fire and Gillian does not seem surprised. She asks Frank if he's thirsty, and Frank doesn't know how to respond. After a moment of consideration he accepts her offer and Gillian goes to fetch him something from the kitchen. Frank is distracted by sound in the hallway and Gillian palms a knife from the kitchen drawer, then gets water from her refrigerator. When she comes back to Frank she tries to distract him with the water and stab him with the knife, but Frank catches her wrist and throws her into the counter.

Frank ignites his hand and threatens Gillian with it by melting the countertop. Gillian says she will behave and scrambles back to the couch while her cat runs and hides. Frank says he doesn't want to hurt anyone, but he isn't going back to prison. At the same moment, there is a pound on Gillian's door. It's the police.

We're next introduced to Wireless' sanctum in the Crimson Securities warehouse, a hub of computer monitors and keyboards all showing news feeds from around the world. Wireless sits in a meditative pose in front of the screens and is approached by Norman. He starts to speak to her, but Wireless says hello through the computer screens. Norman says he'd prefer a face-to-face encounter and Wireless opens her eyes.

Norman asks Wireless for more info on Frank Gordon. She reveals that he has a history of arson and has a volatile personality. She chides the former PARIAH members for their involvement in his freedom but agrees they're the best suited to handle the situation. Norman wonders how Wireless thinks it should be handled. All of the computer screens behind her show clips from Dirty Harry of Clint Eastwood shooting criminals. Norman says she made her point.


But then Wireless looks distracted. Norman asks her what is wrong and she holds up a hand for him to be quiet, then explains she had an alert set for any fire alarms in the Manhattan area and that a 2-alarm fire was just reported in SoHo. Norman says it could be a coincidence, but Wireless says why take the chance. Norman relents and says he'll put one of the "kids" on it.

In Pennsylvania, Jenny is driving a car with Sylar in the passenger seat. Sylar is looking out the window, distracted. Jenny asks him what he's thinking about. Sylar says he's confused by Jenny, wondering why she's helping him kill. That no one has ever helped him before. Jenny says that she thinks Sylar could be the person to change the world for the better. He wonders how killing people will make that happen, and she says that there's no historic change without death.

Jenny goes on to talk about how if Sylar has enough abilities there would be no one who could challenge him, how he could make the world in his image, and people would love him for it. Sylar wonders how many would listen, to which Jenny says: "If you're powerful enough, people have to listen. You could be that powerful... you could even become the damn President." Sylar does not respond, but it's clear her words had an impact on him.

Back in New York, Helena and Magnes arrive at a burning apartment building. Gillian's building. Helena and Magnes aren't sure what to do as fire trucks roll up. But when the firemen try to put out the blaze, someone hurls a fireball from the roof, causing one of the trucks to explode. Magnes looks at Helena with big eyes and grabs her by the hand and flies up into the air.

On the roof, Gillian is cradling Momo in her arms and Frank is panicking. Frank is completely engulfed in flames, pacing around and melting the tar-paper floor of the roof. Gillian is crying, says she shouldn't be there and Frank keeps apologizing but can't control his ability. He says he doesn't know why he can't, it's usually fine. He usually has perfect control.

Helena and Magnes appear on the roof from below and Magnes has to fly away to dodge a blast of fire from Frank. Frank recognizes Helena and asks why she's here, and Frank says he can't go back to prison. Helena tries to reason with him but Frank throws fire at her and nearly hits Gillian. Helena fights back, causing it to rain and brings in strong wind, but Frank's pyrokinesis is incredibly powerful.

Helena tries to reason with him again and Frank starts calling more and more fire around himself. As Helena back up from the heat she touches Gillian's shoulder and a bright light sparks between them. Frank holds his hands out to blast fire over Helena and Gillian, but now Helena is able to conjure powerful wind to push the fire back. She and Frank have a battle of wills,and Frank is blown off the roof. When Gillian rushes over to see if he's still alive, Frank is nowhere to be found.

Back at the Warehouse, Norman and Teo argue about what happened and Norman says they can't take in any strays. Teo argues that she doesn't have anywhere to live and the police are looking for her. Norman says her ability is dangerous, overloading other people's powers. Helena is torn.

As they're arguing, Gillian is sitting with Momo at her feet and Magnes is keeping her company. She sees his backpack and a DVD copy of a tv show poking out from it, one they'd been talking about online. Gillian off-hand mentions that her internet friend really likes that show, and Magnes says he wants to show it to his internet friend. They exchange a look.

We cut to Norman and Teo's argument, and Gillian arrives with Magnes. Norman says she shouldn't be here and Magnes reveals, "This is Jenny's sister."

Cut to Jenny and Sylar, parked by the side of the road. Jenny has a notebook in hand with a list of names. She says stories of folks with powers are easy to follow in small towns. She asks Sylar which one he'd like to go for next. Sylar points at a man on the list with the word "lasers" next to his name and remarks, "that sounds fun."

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