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S02E05 - Hide & Seek

In the cold open we find a young Helena Beauchamp praying in church back in Alabama. She is reciting Psalm 23, "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil." She stops and turns to a burly man sitting on the pew beside her and asks him what the shadow of death is. This is Helena's Father, Bill Beauchamp (Terry Wiggin).

Bill tells Helena he doesn't know for sure, because the "good book" was written a long time ago by people who meant different things with different words. He asks Helena what it means to her, and she says she isn't sure. After a while, Helena replies that she thinks it means being in a place where you think you might die, but you can't be sure, and you won't be afraid because you know God will protect you and care for you. Bill says that sounds as right as anything else, and that Helena might have put more thought into her answer than the "old guys" who wrote the Bible.

Helena smiles a secret smile, and goes back to praying.

We cut to the introduction and then an aerial shot of New York City.

Ten years later. Fall, 2008.

Elisabeth Harrison is sitting in Central Park reading a newspaper, the headline says "REAPER KILLS TWO." Helena walks past Elisabeth and comes to sit on the bench next to her, pretending to talk on her phone. She tells Elisabeth she's "Magnes' Contact." Elisabeth folds her newspaper and picks up her phone, using it for the same purpose, pretending to be on a call while she discreetly talks to Helena next to her.

Helena asks if Elisabeth has found out anything, but Elisabeth says she had terms and wants to know what Magnes has gotten himself into. Helena is reluctant, but she tells Elisabeth about the Ferrymen and their purpose. Elisabeth thinks it's noble, but wonders what it has to do with a serial killer. Helena says, "sometimes doing what's right means doing extra work." Elisabeth smiles, then tells Helena that she learned a federal agency took the investigation away from the NYPD and cut them out of all their evidence. She also tells Helena they were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements that would prevent them from talking about the investigation with even family and friends. She confirms Helena's suspicions that this isn't normal bureau behavior.

Pressing a button on her phone, Helena has Wireless transfer the photographs they pulled from the tenement building's security cameras. Elisabeth looks at the bearded old man in a fedora on her phone and says she'll "see what she can dig up." Helena excuses herself from the bench, continuing to pretend to talk as she walks away from Elisabeth. Elisabeth watches her leave, then looks back at the photograph, noticing something.

Jenny is sitting in the abandoned Motel room, looking at the empty side of the bed Sylar used to fill. Her eyes are red and puffy from crying and the guilt of what she's done over the past few months is crushing down on her. Jenny picks up her phone and powers it on, then finds her sister's number in the contacts list and starts to compose a text to her that says "I'm in trouble" but she deletes it. She composes another that asks "what's up?" and deletes that one too. Jenny starts crying, curling up into a small ball.

In downtown Manhattan, Gillian and Helena are sharing lunch and Gillian asks Helena what the Ferrymen think they will do once they find this serial killer. Helena isn't sure, she assumed Norman or Wireless had a plan but hadn't shared it yet. Gillian then asks how much Helena trusts either of them, to which Helena replies "some?" Gillian laughs, but seems worried. She says she trusts Magnes, and if Magnes trusts everyone else so does she, but Gillian worries that Magnes is a lot younger than she thought he was. It puts her online friendship with him into question.

Helena looks uncomfortable, and Gillian asks if she said anything to upset her. Helena says no, and says she was one of the last people to see Jenny before she disappeared. Helena apologizes for not being able to do as much as she hoped, but Gillian forgives her. She says she and Jenny had become estranged when Jenny went to work for the government, but Gillian never knew what she was doing in there. Helena says she might still be alive out there somewhere, and Gillian says she hopes so.

At the Warehouse, Wireless is researching the deceased through the internet, hacking into police and federal agency databases. Norman approaches her and asks how things are going, and Wireless' voice emits from her computer when she talks. She says that the Company has taken over the investigation of the murders, but she's having a hard time finding out why, other than that it fits their usual MO of investigating Evolved-related crimes. Norman says they usually pretend to play nice with local law enforcement to which Wireless agrees and says the situation feels like the Company is afraid of something.

Norman leans over Wireless' shoulder and points out a face of one of the victims, paired from dental records. He says he knows him, that he's a retired Company agent named Phillip Osgood. Wireless brings up the photos of other agents and Norman looks shocked. He says they are all retired agents from before Wireless' time. She explains that two of these deaths occurred in the UK, and she matched them to this case by their unusual cause of death. Norman looks dreadfully concerned and Wireless asks if they have any connection, to which he replies that he isn't sure. Norman gives Wireless their names and she says she'll dig deeper.

At the abandoned Staten Island Beach Motel, Jenny turns on her phone again and scrolls through her contacts. She stops when she sees one labeled "Boss." Jenny looks to the Motel door. Sylar still hasn't returned. It's getting dark, and she is afraid he's abandoned her. Jenny presses "call" and brings the phone up to her ear as it dials. She reaches the voicemail of Agent Malcolm Parkins and struggles to speak. Jenny starts to cry, then through strangled sobs says into the receiver, "Agent Parker, it's Jenny Childs. I'm in trouble."

The sun is setting in Manhattan when Gillian and Helena return to the Warehouse. They find Teo just getting off of work sitting in the common space on the ratty couch, reading a book. He gets up and greets Helena and Gillian and asks if they had any luck investigating, they say they haven't. Gillian says she had a good day out though, and she feels a lot better. Teo says he has something that might make her feel even better and hops off the couch and leaves the room, returning with a small animal cage containing Gillian's cat Momo. Teo says he rescued Momo from Gillian's apartment and she is overwhelmed with relief. Gillian opens the cage and takes Momo out and the cat licks her face as she cradles him in her arms. Helena and Teo share a meaningful look and she shows her appreciation for his good deed.

The next morning, Elisabeth is at her home drinking her morning coffee and watching the news. We see a news report about upcoming legislation for mandatory blood tests of all government and law-enforcement personnel and she turns off her television in frustration. Elisabeth's phone vibrates and when she checks it the caller ID says: WIRELESS. When Elisabeth checks the text message she sees an address in downtown Manhattan and a photograph with the name "Victoria Pratt" followed by the message: "Reaper's Next Victim." Elisabeth curses and closes her phone, grabs her coffee and rushes out of her apartment.

Helena is exiting a subway station when her phone rings. It is Wireless, who explains that they have connected the dead Company agents. They were all agents in the Company's biosciences division that researched biological weapons. Norman spotted an agent from the department who wasn't murdered and says Helena needs to get there and secure him so they can figure out what's going on. She asks if anyone else is close enough to help and they say no. Norman tells Helena a code message to say to Pratt to earn her trust. Helena says she has to hit the subway again and ends the call, running back down the stairs.

We cut to the upper west side where Elisabeth is getting out of her car outside a tenement building. She heads inside and finds Helena searching the apartment registry. Elisabeth asks if Helena is here for Pratt and she confirms she is. "Apartment 404" Helena says, tapping the registry. Helena and Elisabeth head up through the tenement building.

We cut to the interior of an apartment where Victoria Pratt (Natalia Grevioux) is sitting in a recliner watching television. Her apartment is small and cluttered. There is a knock on the door and Pratt goes to answer, she looks out the peep hole and sees Helena and Elisabeth and tells them to go away. Helena says, "reams of 20 pound paper are half off." Pratt looks stunned and unlocks the door, letting Helena and Elisabeth in. She says she's retired and tries to explain she doesn't want anything to do with the Company anymore. Elisabeth asks "what company?" And Helena says she'll explain later, but this alarms Pratt, who is surprised that Elisabeth is an outsider. Helena tries to explain her situation when all the lights and electronics in the apartment flicker.

Elisabeth notices it first and looks around, then the lights flicker again. They both look concerned, and ask Pratt if that happens normally. She says it doesn't, and asks Helena how she learned that pass code if she isn't an agent. Helena says it's a long story, but warns Pratt that someone is killing Company agents who worked in the biosciences division. Pratt looks horrified but not surprised, she retrieves a gun from under the table by her chair and threatens Elisabeth and Helena with it.

As they try to talk Pratt down the lights flicker again and then go out. Pratt is distracted and Liz lunges at her, wrestling the gun away from her. Helena is trying to break them up when Pratt sees the apartment door open to reveal total darkness outside. Helena and Elisabeth turn and see a creeping wall of smoky shadows begin to extend into the apartment. Pratt backs up to the window, horrified. Elisabeth raises her gun and says she'll shoot if they come any closer.

A whispering voice from inside the darkness calls out, "You cannot kill what is already dead." The darkness advances and Elisabeth unloads the entire revolver into the shadows to no effect. Helena shouts for Pratt to open the window and she does so, allowing Helena to conjure a blast of wind into the apartment that blows the darkness back into the hall. Helena shouts for Pratt to run and follows her out onto the fire escape. Elisabeth waits by the window, and the darkness begins to flood back into the apartment. She opens her mouth and screams, unleashing a shockwave of sound that shatters every glass object in the apartment and pushes the darkness back again. Elisabeth jumps out the window onto the fire ecape.

In the alley outside the apartment, Pratt lands on the street and Helena shouts for her to run, pointing down the alley. Elisabeth lands behind them and they start to flee. Pratt asks what that was and Elisabeth says "I think it was death!" In the same moment, a figure dressed in black lands in the alley behind them with smoky darkness rising off his body. He starts to slowly walk after them, holding a wolf-headed cane in one hand.

Everyone screams and runs and they flee into an abandoned garage adjacent to Pratt's apartment. As they are moving through the lights start to flicker and Elisabeth turns, watching the door as Kazimir Volken emerges from the alley. Pratt reaches the back door, but it's blocked by something outside. Helena grabs Pratt by the arm and asks her to tell her what she knows that's worth killing her over. Pratt says that's a long list and then looks past Helena, watching Kazimir draw a sword from inside the cane. Elisabeth grabs a large wrench and gets between Pratt and Kazimir.

Kazimir taunts Elisabeth, who unleashes a scream again that causes Kazimir to stumble back, but not as much as before. Helena pushes Pratt out of the way and presses her hands to the door and closes her eyes, conjuring a powerful wind. The door rattles and Pratt asks what she's doing and she says "trying to clear the alley!" Helena closes her eyes and starts to whisper the verses of Psalm 23.

Kazimir and Elisabeth fight, he is slow and old but a skilled fencer. He gets a few shallow hits on Elisabeth but it is clear something is wrong and she is getting sluggish while he seems to be getting stronger. She hits him once in the face and dislocates his jaw and knocks out teeth onto the floor, but Kazimir turns back to her and his shadows surge. Elisabeth starts to look sickly while Kazimir's injuries repair themselves. Elisabeth screams that Helena needs to hurry.

There's a loud crash in the alley and the back door opens, spilling Helena out into the street. It is now raining hard outside and overcast. Pratt looks confused by the weather and Helena tells him to get used to it. Elisabeth staggers out of the garage and shouts up at the ceiling, causing it to collapse over the doorway. The three run to Elisabeth's car, get inside and drive away.

At night in the ruins of Midtown, Kazimir returns to the fire station amid a chorus of crows. Eileen stands up from a bench and Kazimir asks her how her conversation with Sylar went. She says he is interested, and things are moving according to plan. She asks Kazimir how he did with Victoria Pratt and Kazimir smiles.


It cuts to black and we hear Kazimir say, "Perfectly."

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