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S03E09 - Binary Outcomes

In the cold open we see Peter Petrelli without his scars in an expansive mansion. He is pacing around in a foyer, looking uncomfortable. Peter's mother Angela (Daphne Court) comes into the foyer from another room with his well-dressed brother, Nathan (Liam Monforton). Angela thanks Peter for coming over for lunch and says that it's important for Nathan to have his brother on his side for his upcoming Presidential campaign. Peter is reluctant but looks like he's trying to be supportive of his brother, but uncomfortable in high society.

Angela and Nathan lead Peter into another room of the mansion, which looks like a living room that was converted into a bedroom. There are heart rate monitors and IV stands beside a large bed where a bald man lays dying. Angela introduces him as Charles Deveaux (George Corbyn), one of Nathan's campaign backers. Charles says he's heard a lot about Peter and is glad to meet him, offering him a hand to shake. Peter approaches Charles bedside and asks how he knows his mother. Charles says he's an old friend of the family and that they used to work for the same company. Peter shakes Charles hand and gets a small static shock. Charles laughs softly and apologizes. Peter asks Charles how he's doing without thinking about the question and tries to apologize. Charles says he's okay, "except for the cancer part."

Peter apologizes again, rubbing his hand. When he lowers it to his side and continues to make small-talk with Charles, Angela watches his hand and sees the bones in Peter's hand briefly glow white hot before cooling down. She looks up to Nathan, smiling.

After the Series 3 intro, we cut to an overhead shot of New York City.

Three Years Later.

Late Winter, 2009.

At the Pinehearst research site, Peter enters Arthur's office where Arthur is talking with Malcolm Parkins. Arthur dismisses Parkins and asks Peter if he's made up his mind about helping. Peter says he'll help his father if it means getting payback against Nathan and Angela for what they did to him. Peter asks his father how soon everything is going to happen and Arthur says the final preparations are already in motion. He says that by this time next year the Pinehearst company will be the most powerful organization in the world, making Arthur -- and Peter -- the most powerful people in the world.

Peter disregards the sales pitch and asks Arthur if he knows someone named Sylar. Arthur squints at Peter and says he does, and says that he knows about his "son's friend" and that he knows "Paul" and Peter both went to his funeral. Peter explains that Angela and Nathan arranged for him to meet a man named Charles Deveaux the day of the funeral and Arthur is unsurprised. He explains that Charles was a part of their conspiracy, a ruthless and cold man who had the power to control atomic energy, a power that eventually killed him. Arthur says that's how they planned on causing a crisis only they could solve, their own "9/11."

Peter says he still has that ability and Arthur looks momentarily nervous and asks Peter if he can control it. Peter says he's learned how to, but it's taken years. Arthur says that's a relief and asks Peter if he has any more questions, and Peter says he has just one: Where is Sylar?

Meanwhile, in an abandoned automotive garage in Queens, the Ferrymen who escaped Grand Central Station argue over next steps. Teo advocates for reaching out to the federal government, letting them know what Pinehearst is doing. Wireless says it's suicide and that the government would just take the operation over if they weren't responsible for it anyway. Norman agrees and says this has to be handled "internally." Helena and Lynette are divided on whether the Ferry has enough firepower to take on something like Pinehearst while Gillian and Eileen remain silent. When the argument becomes circular, Eileen chimes in with an idea of her own.

Eileen suggests that the Ferry don't focus on fighting Pinehearst but rescuing their friends. She says when they take it on smaller goals, it becomes easier. She asks if with the team they have, they could break into the facility and rescue a couple people. Wireless says it seems possible. Eileen then asks if they could be flexible enough to take on other goals as they come up, if resources allow. Norman agrees they can. Eileen seems satisfied and says, "When do we begin?"

Across town, Elisabeth Harrison takes a call from Wireless in the parking lot of her police precinct. Elisabeth is worried the Ferrymen are drawing too much attention to themselves but says that what happened in Grand Central "last night" didn't make it to the police or federal agencies. Elisabeth says she has a list of five people who need to be moved out of the city and asks if they have time to move them, to which Wireless says no. Elisabeth says she's going to ferry them herself to which Wireless tries to talk her down. Elisabeth argues that they have young children and it needs to happen soon. She says she'll take care of it while Wireless' people "handle heavier lifting." Elisabeth says she has to go after checking her watch and ends the call, looking frustrated.

Back at the Pinehearst research center, Arthur is wheeled into a lab by Odessa. She asks him if he told Peter about Sylar and Arthur says he told Peter that Sylar is dead. Odessa admits that will be true eventually. Odessa helps Arthur out of his wheelchair and he weakly walks over to a surgery table, laying on his back. She proceeds to prepare a syringe with one of the vials of pink serum that Pinehearst has been developing and injects it into his spine. Arthur groans in pain but then twists around and slowly sits up, flexing his hands. He looks at Odessa and says he feels a change. We see a close up of the serum vial which reads: "Rapid Cell Regeneration."

Arthur gets off of the lab table and walks on his own power, flexing his hands into fists. Odessa seems pleased with the results of her work and smiles to herself. She asks Arthur how he's feeling and he replies, "Powerful," as all of the lab equipment around him begins to levitate off of the ground and then settle back down. Odessa explains that the neurological damage he suffered from the gunshot wound that nearly killed him had disrupted the pathways in his mind that allowed his ability to function, but with the serum perfected, they were able to transplant a "self-healer's" ability into him like a skin graft. Arthur looks at Odessa and calls her brilliant. Odessa fawns.

In Richard Cardinal's cell, Richard paces back and forth trying to find a way to gain enough darkness to escape confinement. After a while he hears a voice through the HVAC system, it is Eve Mas. Eve calls to Cardinal from her adjacent apartment, telling him there is no way to escape on his own and even if he could "find the darkness" they also have him on a negation drug to prevent breakouts like that. Eve explains the only time they don't deliver the negation drugs is when the day before they take spinal fluid samples. Cardinal asks Eve who she is, and she says "The tooth fairy" and he grows increasingly frustrated with her. Eve then identifies herself as a prisoner and says that Richard knows the person in the cell on his other side, Richard asks who that is.

We cut to Magnes in his cell, sitting with his back up against a wall looking tired and depressed. There is a horse whisper that comes from a vent above Magnes' bed and he looks up to the ceiling. We cut back and forth, showing Richard standing on a sink, shouting into a vent, and Magnes standing at the head of his bed listening to the adjoining vent shaft. Cardinal asks Magnes if he's gotten his negation shot today and Magnes says he hasn't. Richard warns him that it means they're going to take him to the lab today to draw spinal fluid and perform an operation that he might not survive. Magnes looked panicked and asks how Cardinal got caught, to which he replies, "They sent like twenty guys after me and I nearly fought them all off." Magnes replies with, "You walked into a trap didn't you?" Cardinal slams on the grate and tells Magnes to "focus on the plan." Magnes asks what plan Richard is talking about, and we hear him sigh deeply through the vent.

In the Pinehearst research facility, we find Peter in Arthur's office, looking out the windows to the city. Malcolm Parkins enters the office, expecting to find Arthur, but finds Peter instead. He starts to excuse himself when Peter teleports behind him and shuts the door. Malcom watches Peter nervously, and Peter asks Malcom about what happened to Sylar after the Narrows. Malcolm says that Sylar died, and Peter pulls out a cell phone and turns it around to Parkins, showing him a message from Peter to WIRELESS asking if they know anything about Sylar. The last messaged received says "We have reliable reason to believe he is alive and in Pinehearst's captivity, followed up by: They hit our safehouse, where are you?"

Parkins smiles, anxiously, then swiftly tries to draw his gun only to be struck in the face by Peter. Parkins and Peter briefly fight, but Peter's abilities outstrip Parkins and he smashes the agent's head against the wall, nearly knocking him out. Peter stands over Parkins who lays on the floor and bends down, taking Parkins' gun and puts a boot on his chest, asking him where Sylar is. Parkins tells him they have him in a lab where they're going to "dissect him into little pieces" and to "not worry." Peter nods with an unblinking stare and agrees with Parkins.

"I'm not worried," Peter says before shooting Parkins in the head.

In the Pinehearst labs security alarms go off and Arthur looks alarmed as he's buttoning his shirt up and getting dressed after his procedure. Odessa gets on a land line to contact security and ask what is going on and she urgently tells Arthur that there's been a gunshot up on the executive level and that Parkins is dead. Arthur asks where Peter is and Odessa says she isn't sure, but that security is being dispatched all across the building. Arthur tells Odessa, "It's done. The Formula works, liquidate the prisoners and prepare the material for transport to Cambridge." Odessa leaves the lab hastily as Arthur turns to the other scientists who were watching the procedure with uncertainty. Arthur thanks them for their services and then all of their necks simultaneously are snapped. Arthur steps over their bodies on the way out.

A security team approaches Magnes' cell, opening the door with assault rifles raised. As they step in they find the room seemingly empty, but a flying Magnes drops down from the ceiling and disarms one guard and uses his rifle to kill the other two. Magnes takes their security clearance card and rushes to Richard's cell, letting him out. While Richard arms himself with a rifle, Magnes opens the door to Eve's room and she immediately lunges out, grabs his face, and plants a kiss on his forehead. "Teo's going to be so relieved," Eve says with a knowing smile, and we see behind her a painting of this exact moment on her easel.

Cardinal asks Eve how she was able to keep her ability active and she avoids the topic but looks with a guilty expression into the cell. "We need to go this way," Eve says, running toward a door. Richard asks her if that's the way out, to which Eve replies, "No, but it's where we need to go." Richard and Magnes both sigh in exasperation.

In a panel van driving down the Jersey turnpike, Norman Better turns from the driver's seat to look at Wireless. She says "he hasn't responded," referring to her talk with Peter. A bird flies down outside the van adjacent to Norman's driver's side window, then flies back up into the sky. From the rear of the van, Eileen says that she can hear an alarm going off inside the building and that something has happened. Norman presses his foot down on the gas and gets the van going as fast as he can. He instructs Eileen to keep an eye on everything.

Back at Pinehearst we cut to a camera dollying down a long hallway full of battered and broken security officers. We see Peter Petrelli from behind outside of a security door, he swipes a blood-covered badge through a card reader and a door opens into a dark room. When Peter walks in, we see a closeup of his face in shock, anger, and horror as he looks at whatever is contained in the room.

Our perspective turns to show Sylar, hooked up to a table that has thick plastic hoses coming out of it that are plugged into his back and a second table set up beside him like some sort of transfusion station, but there is no one yet in it. Peter slowly approaches Sylar who is unconscious, brushing his hand over his stubbled cheek.

Peter is full of emotions, tears welling up in his eyes, and he puts his handgun to the side of Sylar's head. 

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